How Can You Optimize Images for SEO?

Whether you have a website, a blog, or you’re just writing an article, adding at least one image to what you’re publishing is imperative. Any Los Angeles SEO expert knows the importance of images. However, it’s what you do with those images after adding them that really makes the difference. When you treat an image with the same kind of SEO-respect as the rest of the content you’re publishing, you’re also improving your chances of a higher-ranking piece. So, how can you make sure your images are fully on board with SEO?

Find the Right Image, and the Right Name

First, it’s important to use an image that reflects the content of the page it’s on. If you’re writing about a plumbing service, perhaps you’ll want a picture of a handyman, or a leaky faucet, etc. Not only does this make your content more visually appealing, but it allows both readers and search engines to quickly identify what your content is about in more ways than one.

Once you’ve found the image you want to use, you’ll have to give it a name. When you name an image, tell the search engines exactly what that image is about. So, if it’s a picture of a leaky faucet, the file name should be something like: leaky-faucet.jpg.

The Importance of Captions

How many times have you visited a webpage or read a blog post, and the thing that caught your eye first was a caption underneath an image? Captions are easy for us to read because they reflect the image, are typically short, and provide a lot of condensed information. Make sure you utilize captions in almost every image you post, when it adds to the integrity of your content. Not only is it another great opportunity for you to use keywords, but it helps to keep the visitor engaged.

Reduce Image File Size

An SEO firm can help you to reduce the file size and dimensions of the images on your website, blog, etc. Why is this important? Think about how quickly you might get impatient, waiting for a website to load because of multiple images. More often than not, we live in a world where if someone has to wait, they’ll move on. This is especially true for users who tend to look at most content from their mobile device. If something doesn’t load right away, you’ve lost the user’s attention, and they may end up looking to a competitor for information.

Keeping your image file sizes small will help to reduce loading times. Believe it or not, Google actually factors the loading time of your site into its rankings. The quicker your page loads, the better off you are. If it takes longer than five seconds (especially on a mobile device) for your page to load, you’ll likely lose viewership of your page, and search engines will absolutely take notice.

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